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thisandnothingmore 01-04-2018 01:53 PM

Torsion bar adjustment is the bolts sticking horizontally just behind the fenders?

estetic 01-04-2018 03:08 PM

Torsion bar bolts are midway under the cab

krrunyon1 01-15-2018 12:00 PM

I've noticed this on my new to me frontier.

I've read a lot about "the frontier lean" and "it's just because of the gas tank on the passengers side" "get new springs and bushings" ...

I'm thinking new springs are going to end up doing the same thing, right? Has anyone swapped the springs from the passenger side and the drivers side to see if they end up sagging the same after a while? There has to be a max sag point and wouldn't it be the same? How long would this take to level out?

thisandnothingmore 03-06-2018 09:19 PM

Ive heard torsion bar adjustment can screw with camber / caster, would lifting that one side up about 2 inches mess anything up?

Hands On 03-07-2018 04:03 PM

The alignment will be affected and if it drives straight now it will pull to one side.

jamx13 07-04-2018 10:54 PM

Take a good hard look at the suspension parts, front & rear, especially the bushings & springs. Shocks have nothing to do with ride height, all they do is damper the bounce; that's why they're called shock absorbers.

I had a broken leaf on the right rear of my 2WD Frontier. I knew it didn't ride well & had a slight wobble, but I couldn't find the problem. It turned out the leaf was broke just in front of the axle but the weight of the truck was keeping it forced in-place. I found the problem when the truck was put on a lift & the suspension was allowed to free hang, that's when the front 1/2 of the leaf popped out of place. I've always used a floor jack under the axle when doing brakes or taking the wheels off, that's why I never spotted it.

If you want to raise the rear, get a longer pair of shackles. You will have to customize them a bit because the stock shackle bolts are attached to one side plus they're different sizes. This may help: You may or may not have to change the bushings.

Once the new shackles are in place, check the height at all four corners of the frame. If both front measurements match & both rear measurements match (or darn close to it), check the height at the center of the wheel wells. Once again, if both front measurements match & both rear measurements match, the truck is probably sitting OK from side to side. To adjust the front to rear height, you can play with the torsion bar adjustment. Remember that the rear generally should be higher then the front when the bed's unloaded. You'll have to decide what looks best to you, but don't go too crazy with the torsion bar adjusters unless you plan on having the front end re-aligned. A little tweaking should be OK though.

h.stickeye 07-04-2018 11:26 PM

You're wrong about shockies and ride height. They can affect ride height, especially when u got a custom leaf arrangement at the back.

thisandnothingmore 07-09-2018 11:21 AM

I'm fixing to do the shocks here in the next month or so. The passenger side shock is visibly compressed compared to the driver side so im certain thats the problem.
I had thought of cranking up one torsion bar but i didn't want to screw with my alignment.

jamx13 07-16-2018 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by h.stickeye (Post 506281)
You're wrong about shockies and ride height. They can affect ride height, especially when u got a custom leaf arrangement at the back.

Please explain to me how shocks can affect ride height, other than air shocks or coil-overs.

From the link below: "The most important thing to remember, though, is that shocks do not hold weight. The purpose of the shock is to control or dampen the motion of the spring"

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