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Travdog 05-22-2018 01:48 AM

Hello from Richmond va
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New to the forum from va. Anyone else on here from Richmond ? Anyways enjoy some pics of my bug truck :) look forward to talking to you guys

Natnater 05-22-2018 03:23 AM

Nice to see another Hardbody doing hard labor. I've been hauling paint supplies daily in mine. I forget when exactly I gave up trying to keep the bed paint-free, lol. Kinda detrimental considering it's my project vehicle, but hey, it's also my only vehicle.

Welcome to the site!

Is the dog factory? I didn't have that option.

Travdog 05-22-2018 03:54 AM

Dog cost extra, I ironically am a painter too. The guy I bought it from had the extermination business, hard work none the less tho at almost 500,000 on the clock hahah

Natnater 05-22-2018 04:15 AM

Hey, nice! Paint sure is a living. There's hardly any good painters around my area so it's been pretty easy to get lots of good paying work.

Just don't get into the habit of picking dried paint flakes off your pants while you drive. That stuff's hard to get out of the carpet >:[

Maybe it's cus I'm super tired but do you mean 500k miles on that thing? Holy shite man.

cadillacdude1975 05-22-2018 04:43 AM

Welcome to IN.

Travdog 05-22-2018 04:23 PM

Yea 500k miles bud i had to replace the trans when I bought it but I threw a junkyard trans in there and I’ve been driving it almost every day since haha

ahardb0dy 05-22-2018 05:09 PM

Welcome to Infamous

dvdswan 05-22-2018 11:27 PM

Welcome to the site.

alabama_lowlife 05-22-2018 11:31 PM

Welcome to infamous Nissan!

scoobysmak 05-23-2018 02:16 AM

welcome to :IN:

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