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RedAggie03 12-09-2011 04:08 PM

How to: Timing chain replacement on KA24E
First things first. Ordering parts. Here is a complete list of everything you need plus the optional extras that you can decide to do if you want. These are NISSAN part numbers (√ indicates verified with Nissan). The prices listed are the price I paid, Dealer, and prices.

Description: Timing Chain (single row, 102 links)
Part#: 13028-8B000 √
Price: $56.40, $70.50 Dealer, $60.91

Description: Camshaft Sprocket (36 Teeth)
Part#: 13024-40F00 √
Price: $40.54, $76.00 Dealer, $43.78

Description: Crankshaft Sprocket (18 Teeth)
Part#: 13021-53J00 √
Price: $12.72, $xx.xx Dealer, $14.31

Description: Timing Chain Hydraulic Tensioner
Part#: 13070-40F06 √
Price: $65.30, $81.63 Dealer, $70.53

Description: Timing Chain Guide (Left, slack side guide)
Part#: 13091-40F15 √
Price: $54.76, $68.45 Dealer, $59.14

Description: Tensioner Guide Bolts (slack side bolt)
Part#: 13094-40F00 √
Price: $1.68, $1.13 Dealer, $2.37

Description: Timing Chain Guide (Right, tension side guide)
NOTE: Updated reinforced with metal backing
Part#: 13085-40F10 √
Price: $12.70, $15.87 Dealer, $14.28

Description: Timing Chain Guide Bolts (2 required, tension side guide)
NOTE: Required, especially for older trucks pre-1995 using the updated metal guide above
Part#: 13075-40F10 √
Price: $1.46 each, $xx.xx Dealer, $2.44

Description: Front Crankshaft Seal
Part#: 13510-40F10 √
Price: $7.54, $9.43 Dealer, $8.49

<No Image>

Description: Steel Backed Neoprene Timing Cover Oil Seal (2 required?)
Part#: 15066-5E510 √
Price: $4.88, $xx.xx Dealer, $5.78

Description: Timing Cover O-Ring Seal
Part#: 15066-40F01 √
Price: $6.12, $xx.xx Dealer, $6.12

<No Image>

Description: Timing Cover O-Ring Seal
Part#: 15066-40F11 √
Price: $3.84, $xx.xx Dealer, $4.88

<No Image>

Optional items. Recommended to be replaced at the same time as the chain, but not required.

Description: Oil Pump & Gasket
Part#: 15010-40F0A √
Price: $76.44, $xx.xx Dealer, $85.06

Description: Water Pump
Part#: 21010-D21012
Price: $72.00, $xx.xx Dealer, $72.00

Description: Oil Filter Assembly
Part#: 15208-55Y0A
Price: $6.65 does have a bundle, but it has a lot of extras in it:

You can go to and enter a list of part numbers in the box on the main page about half way down. Here is the list from above that you can copy and paste into that box:

13028-8B000, 13024-40F00, 13021-53J00, 13070-40F06, 13091-40F15, 13094-40F00, 13085-40F10, 13510-40F10, 15066-5E510, 15066-40F01, 15066-40F11

RedAggie03 12-09-2011 04:20 PM

Here is a little information on the issue with the KA24E timing chain rattle:

The first of the KA24E engines were recalled and the tensioner and "slinger" guide were replaced to a modified design.

The next issue started when people started hearing chain rattle during start-up. What happens is that debris can sometimes enter the oil feed channel to the tensioner and restrict the flow and pressure. Once the engine was running, there was sufficient oil pressure to the tensioner to properly tension the chain. However, at start-up situations, the chain would remain "slack" and rattle and would eat away at the top of the fixed, plastic chain guide. In worse cases, the fixed guide would break apart so bad that the timing chain would start cutting into the back of the front cover and could cut into the coolant jacket behind the water pump! Nothing like aluminum shavings and coolant for your engine bearings!

Eventually, Nissan finally smartened up and designed a fixed guide with a metal backing. This didn't necessarily address the main problem, but did keep the fixed guide from breaking apart and making the situation worse. 1995 models and up have the updated guide. 1994 models and earlier have the plastic guides unless they have been replaced with the updated parts. The twin cam, KA24DE, also had a similar design change on the lower chain guide, but they didn't really suffer from the problems that the KA24E did. The KA24DE did suffer from the same problem of sludge build up (usually behind the timing main gear) which caused upper chain rattle, which was "fixed" by eliminating the fixed guides of the upper chain (not really fixing the problem...just the noise).

The KA24E engine would also encounter jumped timing in some cases when the guides failed and the chain slacked. This would also retard the ignition timing as the distributor ran off of the camshaft. This I would usually see on U12 Stanzas and B12 Sentras and generally one tooth seemed to retard the timing about 8 degrees. One tooth jumped, the engine would run, but have little power. More than a few teeth would often result in bent exhaust valves.

The timing chains actually hold up pretty well. They do not have a recommended replacement interval, like timing belts. I highly recommend the Nissan filter (and recommend you NOT use the Fram) and keep up on the oil changes (3000-4000 miles).

If the chain is rattling for 3 to 4 seconds at startup, it is NOT normal unless the oil has just been changed or the vehicle sits for an extended period of time (several weeks). If it is rattling that long of a period, I would recommend new guides and a tensioner. When the tensioner is removed, one can see the oil port. Remove the oil filter and clear out the port by spraying brake cleaner into the tensioner port until it sprays out of the oil filter adapter. Follow that with compressed air, if available. If there is a lot of mileage on the engine, to me it would be foolish not to replace the chain and gears while the cover is off. Obviously replace the old filter and oil prior to startup. 5W30 is recommended, regardless of whether you prefer dino oil or synthetic. It is better for the tiny ports of the hydraulic lifters, which is sometimes another problem with the KA24E engine (valve tap).

Installation Notes:

* Be careful with the timing cover. Loosen up the oil pan bolts and let it hang down so you lessen the chance of tearing your head gasket when youre putting it back togther. The book says pull the oil pan all the way off. You can just drop the pan to get the front cover free and never really take it off.

* Be very careful pulling the drive pully off. The flanges can break off. Have an assistant put the vehicle in gear and stand on the brake to help get the drive pully off.

* The oil pan does not take a seal, only RTV. The book did not make this clear and five different parts stores (including the Nissan dealership) said “We don’t carry it” instead of “You don’t need it”.

* Pull out the fan shroud to get yourself some working space.

* Tighten the drive pully bolt to 100 ft/lb as the book recommends.

* If you cannot get your truck to start after your replace the timing chain:
  • Check for fuel and spark (double check everything you removed). If you have those two then you could be 180 degrees out on the distributor timing or just a couple teeth off.
  • Set your crank to TDC
  • double check the crank and cam woodruff keys are both pointing straight up - This is the base timing
  • Line up the oil pump punch marks with the dist drive
  • Insert it without knocking it off a tooth (hard part)
  • The backwards 'D' the dist slots into should be pointing to about 11:45 (just a touch rotated counter clockwise)

estetic 12-15-2011 06:45 PM

Are the part #'s OE nissan part #'s?

Cam Sprocket - #13024-D21004 - $43.78
Tensioner Rail - #13091-D21003 - $59.14
Crank Sprocket - #13021-D21007 - $14.31
O-Ring - #15066-D21008 - $6.12
O-Ring2 - #15066-D21009 - $4.88
(Pretty sure there are only 2 o-rings)
Water Pump - #21010-D21012 - $72.00

No oil pan gasket (RTV), Head gasket...just be careful - but the section that could be damaged doesn't see any combustion pressure it is just a oil seal

RedAggie03 12-16-2011 05:27 PM

Is the water pump on the front of the motor and easy to get to? That's behind and connected to the fan right? I want a 240sx pump to go electric fan? I will probably do that mod in the future, so I may leave the stock water pump for now. Yes?

EDIT: The part numbers with xxxxx-D21xx above are numbers. I'm trying to get all Nissan numbers since they work as well on their site and at the dealership if you want to go that route.

david29 12-16-2011 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by RedAggie03 (Post 249590)
I'm not sure, are these part numbers Nissan or courtesy?

$356 with all seals, chain set, oil pump, and water pump.

Is the water pump on the front of the motor and easy to get to? That's behind and connected to the fan right? I want a 240sx pump to go electric fan? I will probably do that mod in the future, so I may leave the stock water pump for now. Yes?

You can use the truck water pump. Just remove the fan and fan clutch and reinstall the nuts to hold the water pump pulley in place. Then put an electric fan in its place and your done.
Water pump is a breeze to get to and remove.

estetic 12-16-2011 06:37 PM

those are courtesy's listed part#'s from the what I assume is the OE parts fiche (they are a dealer so i can't see them making up their own numbering system...)

The water pump is bolted to the front cover so its easy to replace with the timing set.

RedAggie03 12-16-2011 06:48 PM

Ok, Thanks David...But does the 240 pump have the manual fan mounts? I was thinking of dropping the fan at the sime time as I replace the waterpump. If I don't have to have those ugly bolts sticking out by using a 240 pump, I'd rather do that.

RedAggie03 12-16-2011 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by estetic (Post 249600)
those are courtesy's listed part#'s from the what I assume is the OE parts fiche (they are a dealer so i can't see them making up their own numbering system...)

The water pump is bolted to the front cover so its easy to replace with the timing set.

Actually they DO make up their own numbers, I just asked them. They said Nissan changes up the numbers a lot so they give the parts their own number and they have a system on the back end that translates them into the correct numbers and keeps it all up to date.

So those parts you posted are not Nissan part numbers. But thanks for helping! :thumb: I'm getting there...


Genuine Nissan part numbers are usually formatted as 5 digits or letters followed by a single dash and 5 or more digits or letters.

E.g.: 15208-9E000, 11026-01M02

estetic 12-16-2011 06:54 PM

Its a older z-car that doesn't have the fan/clutch setup isn't it? 240sx w/ the KAe appears to be the same style as the HB

as far as part numbers go, you should be able to call any dealer - missing the days of VG30e being around haha...

alabama_lowlife 12-16-2011 07:25 PM

You could just get some nice looking Allen head bolts to screw into the flange on the pump where the pulley bolts on.

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