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slo87 04-13-2018 04:24 AM

97 altima nightmare
So my wife is 37 weeks pregnant and I got her a 8/96 altima had 106,,xxx miles when we got it great little car. All the sudden today it comes home acting possessed.
So my wife's car went to shit 8/96 altima has 109,xxx miles it has pending P0500, P0505, P1605, P0705,P0304 and stored codes P0304, P0705, P1605.
All the gauges are acting erratic door windows and locks doing whatever they want O/D OFF and airbag lights blink with turn signals and work with brake lights. It starts and runs about 200 feet and dies runs like garbage then smooths out then dies again power antenna goes up and down when it feels like it.

Any ideas? It's been a fine car since 106,450 miles and the cylinder 4 misfire disappeared after new cap and rotor button. Thought about going apeshit on it with a .45 but I know that won't fix it. Maybe a common harness failure I don't know about?

SBJ 04-13-2018 04:56 AM

I would check your fusible links, battery ground and body grounds (sorry, no idea where those are on an altima). Since whatever it is affects both the body electrical and engine electrical systems I would start with things common to both like the main power supply at the fusebox. It could also be the alternator. Nissan's electrical systems go nuts when the voltage regulator in the alternator goes out.

alabama_lowlife 04-13-2018 10:05 AM

SBJ covered the most likely causes. Check your battery, connections, and the alternator.

cadillacdude1975 04-13-2018 10:30 AM

the hardbodies do all kinds of crazy things when the alternator is dying.

YEPEE 04-13-2018 03:06 PM

when you replaced cap/rotor, notice any oil inside??

slo87 04-13-2018 03:36 PM

No oil inside the distributor but was gonna check that today also its 3 screws so why not. It sat for 14 years in Ohio before we got it from a police sale. I put a new fuel pump in it and plugs wires cap and button and it ran like a top. Two new struts and outer tie rod ends and 3 new tires then this out of the blue. Ac even was frosty cold very clean car and I hate this happens with the boy almost here.

slo87 04-13-2018 06:07 PM

Got back to the car today and found a crackfiend installed the radio and alarm system I'm trying now to remove all that shit once I removed the alarm switch in the center console the car acted normally. So my problems seems to be caused be a trap queen paying crack head Tyrone with a BJ and a king cobra to install this crap.

alabama_lowlife 04-13-2018 07:20 PM

What’s a king cobra?

slo87 04-13-2018 07:34 PM

A cheap ass 32 OZ malt liquor

SBJ 04-14-2018 02:22 AM

Kind of like steel reserve?

Glad you got it figured out. If they ghetto rigged a 12v power supply wire straight from the battery or the main power to the fusebox make sure to unhook it. That messes up all kinds of things.

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