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thisandnothingmore 12-24-2017 01:06 PM

LED headlights conversion
Thinking about led projector headlight conversion, opinions on the best brand? Seems otherwise straightforward

Deerhurst 12-24-2017 02:21 PM

I have yet to run LED but ive run about everything else. Projectors are fantastic. Pricy but worth it. I currently run Morimoto MiniD2S 3.0 square lens projectors. 100% worth the cost and time to build.

As for LED the best on the market are expensive. The best are the JW Speaker with the Trucklite in a close second. Those cheap eBay LED lights are junk. They have a poor beam throw and a poor beam pattern. They are literally a LED in a reflective cup which means there is zero light control. They send light everywhere except where it needs to be, the road, and glare worse than a HID kit in a riced Honda. I'm driving a super duty right now and those cheap lights are so bad they blind the crap out of me in one of the taller rigs in town. If they are doing that I know they are not putting down much if any light on the road.

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