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Deerhurst 11-30-2021 03:55 AM

I think I was still paying a couple bucks a gallon when I first started driving.

Oregon is still a "Full Service" state. By law we are not allowed to pump our own gas. It's fun watching people struggle when they have to.

PoBoi850 11-30-2021 01:32 PM

I started driving in 1995. I don't remember exactly what gasoline cost back then, probably around $1/gallon, but I remember when the Octane level was equal to, or more than the cost per gallon. (i.e. 93 octane was $.93)

Reserector 11-30-2021 04:01 PM

Mid 70s I recall riding my Yamaha DT100 through trails to a service station to top off the tank. Gas was 53 and my total came to 25
I started driving in '81. I don't remember what I was paying then, but I want to say it was around 75-ish.

Cigarettes were 55 a pack when I started smoking at age 15. They were around 2 bucks when I quit at age 40. (18 years ago)

89'HBV6 12-01-2021 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Reserector (Post 555756)
When I was a kid, all you could buy inside the gas station office was a Coke and/or a pack of cigarettes from the vending machines, if they had them.

This was just spotted on CL, for sale! Look familar??? :jawdropping:
It says candy, but could hold almost anything...
This is what I remember.

diosmuertos 12-07-2021 11:48 PM

Fun watch, if you're into archival deep dives check out The Prelinger Archives, lots of wild stuff on there inc. educational/industrial films and people's old vacation footage. The Hormel chili factory one cracks me up like mad. Wondering about how trustworthy the service station guys were though, sort of has me clenching thinking about the wiper-upsellers and drain plug cross threaders at lube shops. Not like auto industry was any less grifty back in the day.

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