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Thickfreakness 04-01-2018 11:57 PM

Junkyard S10 rear sway bar install
Low budget junkyard rear sway install!

Started out hearing an S10 rear is similar width, having worked at a junkyard I knew there's a ton of S10 blazers with rear sway bars.

Went to the yard and pulled one off a 96, see above. You will want the saddles, u bolts are too small.
Compared it to a D21 bought it for $32, minus a $6 credit and $20 reward bonus.

Couple mock up pics, my eyeball and a straight edge think it's a 7/8 bar. EDIT- summit racing application chart and blazer forum indicate the bar is a 23mm so I need new bushings.

Cleaned and painted, ditched the S10 links, bought some rear links pulled from a 98 pathfinder, $8. Do yourself a favor and pull the link frame brackets, easier to get off and they're handy. New bushings because poly.

The S10 saddle will have to be modified, but it's got plenty of meat. Use your 3 inch u bolt you bought from a hardware store ($7) to mark the saddle where to grind, check your handiwork on the axle as you go.

Installed, links go through the cross member hole sandwiched with fender washers to make the hole smaller where bushings contact. This is stage one, the link bushing is slightly cocked at the crossmember. Stage 2 you take those pathfinder mounts and bolt or weld them to the crossmember but it may increase the link angle in relation to the sway bar.

Clears the stock exhaust

Bar is nearly level, gently reroute the brake line by hand.

The pathfinder links have a baby tie rod end, so you have mounting options. The diameter of the rod end threads are ever so slightly smaller than the sway bar hole, on a DD I'm not worried about it.

All in all I spent about $15 with the discounts. Not counting the poly bushings, the S10 rubber was still good.

cadillacdude1975 04-02-2018 01:23 AM

Great job. Awesome write up. I will make this a sticky.

Thickfreakness 04-02-2018 02:22 AM

Thank you! I was hoping it would, i couldn't find anything besides aftermarket bolt ons

cadillacdude1975 04-02-2018 07:07 AM

If you think about the amount of small trucks that flooded the roads in the late 80s to mid 90s, it makes sense that something would fit. The length and width of these trucks were probably all within a couple of inches.

Thickfreakness 04-02-2018 05:13 PM

Update, 7/8 bushings didn't quite touch at the seam but still bolted up. Dug into summit racing spec list and it appears the S10 rear sway is 23mm, should've looked it up first. I'm gonna do some more research to get the right diameter.

street_rulerr 04-02-2018 07:13 PM

how has the drivability changed?

Thickfreakness 04-02-2018 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by street_rulerr (Post 500880)
how has the drivability changed?

For the better imo. Handling is improved, high speed corners you feel the weight transfer but no excessive lean like before, stays mostly flat. I have poly leaf bushings and kyb gas adjusts, stock front sway and bushings. Installing the front sway poly tonight.
Only downside I've noticed is on uneven roads. Before a left side hump in the road followed by a right side would be soaked up by the suspension out back, now I can feel them. However I installed 7/8 bushings and should have used 23mm so that will change and probably allow more articulation due to bushing tension on the bar

street_rulerr 04-02-2018 09:39 PM

yah driving on broken roads is the big complaint about adding this piece to anything. good to hear.

Thickfreakness 04-03-2018 12:32 AM

Most of my roads are pretty decent, if you want to carve some corners I recommend it. If not than focus on the front and fresh bushings in the leafs

kenabi 04-09-2018 04:05 AM

hmm, wonder if one of those will fit on my fronty.

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