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pejsa HB 03-17-2010 02:23 AM

went shopping today
bought heims and all kinds of good stuff but now im tapped :(

also got the dom tubing gettin ready for a 3 link w/ a wishbone and coilovers :)

drginazzhb92 03-17-2010 02:36 AM

nice man looks like a good shopping trip

pacific coast 03-17-2010 02:36 AM

Will you start a new build for the upcoming work ?
& for the record guys, Brandon & myself will be re-doing his rear suspension in the coming weeks :D
Dont feel bad, you spent about what i did on my 3 link except that you spent it all at once..:eek::cool:

pejsa HB 03-17-2010 02:42 AM

ah i know my wallet hurts LOL and i havent evan bought the coilovers yet yikes!!!!

yea ill wait till its all done and then make a new thread.

wooo love building stuff with the PC man

pacific coast 03-17-2010 02:48 AM

I think we should take pics & post as we go. We or i can add them to your existing build thread [if you have 1]. Gotta share what were doin man :cool:

pejsa HB 03-17-2010 03:36 AM

yea i have thread where it can go =] and i have my camera here so where set

1989D21 03-17-2010 08:17 AM

That's cool.. what coilovers are you gonna run? You running coilovers in the front , too?

pugz 03-17-2010 12:11 PM

nice heims. how much did those run ya?

pejsa HB 03-17-2010 01:27 PM

the heims = $30 x3...... the misalignment spacers = $9 each x6........ bungs $7 x3........
the jam nuts $4 x3......

and im going to be running rear shocks from a yamaha r6 as my coilovers

pugz 03-17-2010 01:40 PM

Where did u buy them from?

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