View Full Version : WTT- Want a Hardbody, have Dirtbike (plus other stuff too maybe)

07-24-2018, 05:28 PM
Ok so I had a hardbody and it was an "extra" vehicle. Traded it for this dirtbike several years ago and now I want another hardbody.

Looking for a manual - otherwise not as picky about engine, drive type etc.

I have a 1988 XR600R, oversize tank, upgraded stator for higher output (was made street legal, but I pulled the headlight off as it was ugly so not currently street legal) new-ish tires. Very recent chain/sprockets (like less than 8hrs on them and the tires. Carbs ultrasonic cleaned recently and runs HARD and FAST! It is a beast of a bike, takes a special dance to get it started but once you learn it, and gain some leg strength, it is easy to start - someone tried to steal it once but couldnt figure out how to start it and gave up lol. It needs new grips but that will be done here in the next week. I still ride the bike pretty often. It isnt a show queen, just a good ol screamin Big Red Pig! It is like a tractor, on 2 wheels, that you stand on, and wheelie, and could literally drive up and over a hardbody truck if you had the leg strength to stay on the bike :thumb:

I am willing to add on top of the bike for a good truck, as I will probably have to do. I prefer to BARTER all the way for the truck with no cash on the table - unless you want my bike really bad I might take some cash lol! I also can throw in a pretty rad Honda 4wheeler, some weld/fab/repair services or some lead slingers... I have a lot of stuff but I really want another hardbody and need a 2nd vehicle so I can repair my current daily