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10-17-2017, 05:43 PM
How's it going guys, I have a few parts for sale because my truck was in an accident a few months ago and is now unfortunately long gone. Currently located in Tallahassee, FL.

If you are interested in anything I have offer up. Worst I can say is no. You can PM me to get my contact info or more pictures if needed.



I have a 1990 toyota rear axle that I was going to use for a 5 lug swap. It has coilovers with mounts and a watts link already welded on. One of the coilover mounts has a crack, so it will need to be straightened and rewelded. I have all the bars for the link that I am selling with it. I would like to get $200 for it and all the bars. Pictures below:




Next I have a set of Armada/Titan wheels that are the rounded- 6 spoke version. Two of them have decent tires and two have wires showing in the tires (lol) They are all bored to fit the hardbody and I personally ran them on my truck for quite some time. Two are in good condition, One has pretty good curb rash, and one has a slightly goofed up bore. The one will the janky bore still worked perfectly on my truck. $200 OBO for all 4. Dont have pictures of all 4 atm but what i have is pictured below:



The driveshaft that has the toyota u-joint on it is on a driveshaft that came out of a single cab truck. I also have a separate driveshaft that came out of an extended cab hardbody that I am willing to sell for $100 obo. Pictured below:


Finally I have an original passenger tail light that is in pretty good shape. $50 obo. and a rear view mirror for $25.


On another note, if you guys know anybody who is interested in a pair of Work Emotion XT7s 18x8.5 +32. They are 5x114.5 and were going to be on my truck after the 5 lug swap was complete.The two I have are in great condition. I have pics of them on the truck if yall are interested. The other pair went away with the truck in the accident :hissyfit: You can see them in the picture of the accident. Want to get $900OBO for the pair with brand new tires. Thanks guys!

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Where's the pictures

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I do as well

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