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02-24-2015, 02:26 PM
Since I have had multiple requests for this I figured a post was in order.
Below is the parts list and forum price for the timing chain components needed for a Ka24e timing chain job.

here is the parts break down and pricing. this is not list price this is my Forum discount price.
1 13028-8B000 CHAIN-TIMING 51.09
2 13070-40F06 CHAIN TENSN 60.74
3 13091-40F15 CHAIN GUIDE 32.83
4 13094-40F00 BOLT 1.46
5 13085-40F10 TIMING CHAIN GU 11.01
6 13510-53J10 SEAL-OIL,CRANKS 6.67
7 15066-1S701 SEAL O RING 3.42
8 15066-21001 GASKET-OIL PUMP 0.21
9 15066-1S710 SEAL O RING 4.72
10 15010-40F0A PUMP ASSY-OIL 84.26
11 13270-F4000 GSKT ROCK CV 16.05
12 11051-40F00 PLUG-RUBBER qnty 2 2.53
13 21200-0C811 THERMOSTAT ASSY 14.61
14 B1010-40F27 PUMP ASSY WATER 61.30

If you decide to get anything just let me know through pm with your Email addy and I will send you a paypal invoice and once paid I will ship ground to you depending on your location in the lower 48 for 9-15 bucks.

i keep these in stock so can normally ship out immediately once payment is received.

Also if there are any other parts needs as always just shoot me a message I am glad to help out the best I can.
Thanks guys I truly appreciate your business!!!:ninja::ninja::ninja:

*Prices are subject to change as Nissan Changes pricing monthly but they have been this price for a good while. I will edit this list as needed*

06-01-2016, 03:23 AM
Yo, Holla at ya boy. Need price for entire kit including TC cover and gasket for it and oil pan if you have it (or such a thing exists) Sans on the water pump. I got a new oem on there since 5 months ago.

05-03-2017, 03:52 AM
These still available?

05-20-2017, 01:57 AM
These still available?

Not from this guy vg30, he left the forum last I heard