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09-28-2008, 08:54 PM
This area is a place for "Registered Vendors" to offer their services. These vendors have their information on file here with me. They have been verified to be actual businesses, and not some Joe Schmo selling toasters out of his basement.

If you would like to become a vendor, you can find the application here (http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23)

For our Vendors:
Please use this area (and not the General Discussion area) to promote your business, announce sales, show your work, and answer questions that our members may have. You have the ability to close and delete your own threads once a sale is over or etc.

If you offer similar services as another vendor, I ask that you act professionally with regards to that persons business. Do not interfere in their threads.

Vendors, you are here to offer services to benefit our Nissan community. If you are here just to make a quick buck, you are in the wrong place. Let me make this clear right now. There is a fine line between "offering services" and "spamming". If you spam our forums, your vendor status will be removed, on top of any other punishments you might earn. So there will be no bumping, no cross-threading, no multiposting, or etc.

For our Members:
Only members in the "Approved Vendors" group are allowed to offer services here. Any one else offering services will have their posts deleted, and repeat offenders will be punished.

Similar to our For Sale rules:

We at Infamous Nissan want to provide an environment where people feel comfortable to buy and sell. However, we cannot always account for every scumbag on Earth. All transactions made on this site are AT YOUR OWN RISK. We take no responsibility if your deal goes sour. We will provide as much assistance as we can. Deadbeat sellers will have their private information released in order to help resolve any issues.

Please take precautions to protect yourself by using Paypal, or another secure service. Make sure you have contact information for the buyer/seller. An email address usually isn't enough, get a phone number as well. If they do not give up the information, please reconsider what they may be trying to hide and use your head.